Internet-controlled multimedia players are ideal for entering the world of Digital Signage, because they are very simple and offer everything you need – in one compact device.


With multimedia players you can:

  • Use your existing screens
  • Create professional ads quickly
  • Start without technical skills

Player Freedom

  • Input Interfaces: Wifi

  • Output Interfaces: HDMI
  • Specifics: Built for non-stop operation 24/7; Miniaturistic dimensions; Plastic body

  • Power Supply: 5 V/1 A, 5 W, Micro USB
  • Dimensions (mm): 50 x 82 x 15
  • Price OF SW License (excl. VAT): €9.90/month




119 excl. VAT
  • €142.80 incl. VAT

Player Frame

  • Input Interfaces: Wi-Fi, USB, IR
  • Output Interfaces: HDMI, RJ45, AV
  • Specifics: Live content from social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Photos); Metal body

  • Power Supply: 5 V/1 A, 5 W, AC adapter
  • Dimensions (mm): 100 x 105 x 27

  • Price OF SW License (excl. VAT): €9.90/month




399 excl. VAT
  • €478.80 incl. VAT

Top 5 most wanted business goals

  • Cost reduction
  • Sales Increase
  • Increasing the “Customer Experience”
  • Getting a competitive advantage

  • Reduction of environmental impact

Increase in sales using Digital Signage

Opportunities offered by Digital Signage

Cost reduction

Reduce or eliminate costs and waiting times associated with the use of traditional print media.

Increase in Sales

Instantly plug in and wait for potential customers with more targeted messages.

Increase Customer Experience

Create long lasting experiences with your existing customers and attract new ones.

Getting a competitive advantage

It’s just a matter of time when Digital Signage becomes standard. Outrun your competition.

Reduction of environmental impact

Save paper, waste, time and money by replacing traditional printed ads.

Features of multimedia players

One Platform

Fully integrated system with hardware and software designed for smooth collaboration

Application control

Easy setup and live editing with iOS and Android apps

Offline displays

Where Wi-Fi is not available, use the app to update screen directly from your phone

Free templates

Dozens of free video and image templates to help you run your first Digital Signage

Easy to use

Create stunning video ads within a few minutes and publish on screens/projectors


The low total operating costs bring Digital Signage to the reach of all

Examples of using Digital Signage

Promotions and Discounts

(special events, trailers for products,…)

Display Digital Menu

(current offer, happy hours,…)

Highlighting new products and services

(news, trailers…)

Internal communication

(report of the general director, social events, objectives, employee of the month,…)

Meeting rooms, receptions

(ads, information, logos,…)

Bars, restaurants, cafes

Retail Stores


Hotels, Guesthouses, Hostels

Fitness & Wellness


Educational institutions